Question: Can I Delete WoW Cache Folder?

What does the WTF folder stand for in WoW?

Warcraft Text FileLurking inside your World of Warcraft folder is a folder called WTF.

While this has often prompted me and, I’m sure, others to exclaim “WTF indeed,” I have recently learned that it stands for Warcraft Text File, instead of a more colorful alternative.

wtf, a plain text file that contains many saved settings from WoW..

How do I clear my WoW cache?

First, you will go to your computer, then the local disk (C:), then users. From here, go to the public folder, then click on ‘games’, and then ‘Word of Warcraft’. Once here, you will need to delete the ‘cache’ and ‘wtf’ folders. Next, you can exit out of this and continue to play your game as normal.

What WoW folders can I delete?

Cache, WTF, Interface are usually the deleteable ones (Interface holds addons, WTF is account logins – I believe). You could possibly delete Screenshots, or post them of and then deleting them. So basically, delete the all folders in there except \Data.

Will clearing cache delete pictures?

From Google search: By clearing cache, you remove the temporary files in the cache, but it WON’T delete your other app data like logins, settings, saved games, downloaded photos, conversations. So if you clear the cache of the Gallery or Camera app on your Android phone, you won’t lose any of your photos.

Why does my wow load so slow?

World of Warcraft long loading screen problem Another workaround is to turn off the streaming feature in Blizzard client. Go to your Blizzard launcher / client, click on the Blizzard logo usually at the upper left corner of the window. … Go to the Streaming settings and uncheck the Enable streaming option to disable it.

What does clearing cache do Xbox one?

Clearing your Xbox One’s cache can often help clear temporary problems that are causing connection or game-launch issues and we always advise trying this first if you’re having any problems with the game on Xbox One.

Where is WoW WTF folder located?

Addons go into the Interface\Addons folder for the game version, the WTF folder is for saving game settings.

Where are my WoW AddOns?

So to check and make sure they are log into World of Warcraft and go to your Character Select Screen. In the lower left corner you will see a button labeled AddOns. Clicking on this will bring up all the AddOns you have installed to that client. Scroll through and make sure you see the AddOns you just installed.

Is it safe to delete WTF folder WoW?

Deleting the WTF folder will reset any settings for addons, so if you spent a bunch of time setting up action bars/unit frames/etc, you’ll have to do it over again. Clearing out the cache shouldn’t affect too much, but you might notice longer loading times for a little bit after running WoW again.

How do I delete all WoW AddOns?

Open the World of Warcraft directory. Open the Interface directory (The WTF folder is also located here) In the Interface directory, open the Addons folder. Empty the contents of the Addon folder to the Trash.

Why should I clear my cache?

Deleting the cache data helps to troubleshoot, helps to increase the loading time of web pages and increases the performance of your computer. If the browser doesn’t load the new version of the site, even if there have been changes on the site since the last visit, the cache can cause issues with the view.

How do I clear heroes of the storm cache?

WindowsClose open Blizzard programs.Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.Click the Processes tab.If agent.exe is running—or Blizzard Update Agent in Windows 10—select it and click End Process.Navigate to the folder containing the cache directory:More items…

Can you play WoW without AddOns?

In other words, for casual play/leveling, no addons is fine. If you expect to do harder content (Mythic+, Heroic/Mythic Raiding) you need to have something like DBM unless you know for a fact you’re skilled enough without it.

What happens if you delete your cache?

The next time you use the app, it will download everything it needs from the internet like it did the first time you used it. Clearing cached data does not clear other data like logins or saved games.

Is it safe to delete cache files?

Clear out all cached app data Clearing out cache won’t save a ton of space at once but it will add up. … These caches of data are essentially just junk files, and they can be safely deleted to free up storage space.